Policies and Regulations

Course Signs

staff at Farmington Fairways will supply and provide installation of all course
signs (closest to the pin, long drive, long putt, etc.).  All other signage requests for your function
(hole in one, etc.) must be free standing and supplied to the installation crew
one hour prior to your tee off time. 
Farmington Fairways will not be responsible for signage left on the
course after the event, nor will a spotter be provided for any hole-in-one



be careful when booking numbers on your tournament application.  There will be a 50% surcharge for those who
do not come out on the tournament day.  For
example, if the combined green fee and food per participant is $40, there will
be an $20 charge per person who does not show for the function.  This charge recovers lost food cost and green
fee revenues.   Numbers may be adjusted by 10 % two days prior
to your event date.


Dress Code

Fairways is a family-orientated facility. 
We ask only that golf shoes or flat soled shoes be worn on the golf
course, and that shirts be worn at all times.



and enjoy.  We do ask, however, that
players operate power carts in a responsible manner.  We also ask that players replace divots and
fix ball marks on the greens, as well as rake sand traps after use.


Food and

food and beverages consumed on the golf course must be purchased from
Farmington Fairways in accordance with local health and liquor
regulations.  Our nine-hole course is
part of a licensed premise,
which makes us responsible for the consumption of all alcoholic beverages on
the golf course, as well as for those who are consuming those beverages.  We ask that you respect the law and bring no
pre-purchased alcohol onto our facility. 
Our refreshment cart has a full compliment of alcoholic and
non-alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment while on the golf course.


player must have their own set of clubs unless other arrangements have
been made with Farmington Fairways.
Fairways is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property
or personal injury from any cause while you are a guest on our facility.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact John or Melanie Rigsby at 250-843-7774